Jane Mackenzie

MBA, B Pharm, CEO, Founder at 365 Healthy By Choice

Jane Mackenzie

MBA, B Pharm, CEO, Founder at 365 Healthy By Choice


Jane Mackenzie (MBA, B Pharm, currently completing her PhD in Well-Being, International courses in Quantum EDUCTOR/SCIO, Acupuncture, Live Blood Analysis, Nutrition, Craniosacral, Rhythmical Massage, Bach Flower Essence, Decentralised Blockchain NPQ, Trading courses, Several Intl. Business and Investment Courses)
In Natural Health and in Practice for over 30 years and more recently a “Get Paid to be Healthy” Blockchain Platform
Owner and Founder of 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE, First Health and Wealth Decentralised Blockchain Global Company.

  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE International Natural Health Speaker, Consultant and Coach
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE International Brand of FOOD STATE, Pure, Natural & Unique Ormus Gold Nutrients and Adaptogens ON-LINE SHOP
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Sustainable Well-Being Centre Franchises and Practices
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Corporate Health Centres
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE International QUANTUM SCIO/EDUCTOR Assessment Scanners and Rebalancing Devices (UK Distributor)
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Wealth, Finance & Business Strategist
  • 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Decentralised Blockchain Business Strategist

Global company registered in UK and SA
Global offices: UK and SA (soon to be Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Netherlands, Germany(EU), New Zealand, Mauritius and Malaysia)

International speaker:
1.Los Angeles Speaker Panel on Natural Health with Michael Irving and JT FOXX (The Importance of Natural Health to Prevent Stress, Disease and Pain using natural super foods as medicine)
2.London with Hugh Hilton and George Ross (The cost of not following Natural Health Prevention 365 and leaving it for too late)
3.Budapest, Hungary World Quantum EDUCTOR/SCIO Conference using quantum vibrational energy devices to assess and rectify the body (Natural Super Foods as Medicine aligned with the SCIO and EDUCTOR quantum signatures)
4.Hongkong – Business Consulting to Legal professionals
5.South Africa – International Professional Service Accountant Management 2-day workshop. Speaker, talks, workshops and seminars on multiple health topics and in multiple locations throughout SA.

Public endorsement and / or friends with:
On stage and endorsed by Dr Phil, Brooke Shields, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Vanilla Ice, Jewel Kiltcher, Michael Irvin, JT FOXX, Hugh Hilton, George Ross and Jessica Parker
Interviewed by Roger Snipes, Mr UK.
Interviewed by Alexander Mollik – Brand strategist Munich, Germany
Interviewed by Aurelie Bacat – Marketing and Branding – Netherlands
Interview with Prof Bill Nelson – Inventor of SCIO and EDUCTOR
With Mandla Mandela on stage at an international Business Wealth Event
Interview with Prof Bennie – Da Vinci Private University, Johannesburg, SA

Live stream webinar workshops on Health, Nutrition, Hormones, Gut Health, Cell Vitality, DNA and Chromosomes
Quantum Health
Fintech Blockchain Wealth
Many courses and talks at the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Well-Being Centre over the years.
Talks and workshops throughout SA to the public and for retailers including Weleda Naturally Yours Pharmacy, Wellness Warehouse CT, HealthWorks (JHB), Health Republic (KZN), Health Shop Lynnwood.
Global Woman Star Member and speaker
Training and seminars throughout SA

Magazine Articles:
Various Health and Living magazines throughout SA

Wits Business School – Marketing

Media appearances:
TV: Real Health x 2 appearances
Radio: Several radio stations in JHB and CT including Cape Radio, Chai Radio
Articles: Several articles in local magazines on Sustainable Living at the Wellness Centre, including, Huisgenooit, Garden and Home
Press releases: Sandton Chronicle (x2)

Indigenous Garden and 365 HEALTHY BY CHOUICE Centre on show – Johannesburg’s Golden Gardens
Biodynamic and Organic Food Growing Expert and Speaker
Hosted International Speakers at the Wellbeing Centre
Malaysian Blockchain specialists Local Utopia backing Fintech Wealth

Community and Charity:
Video endorsement by Brandon Bays for work done at the Alexander Children’s Haven for Aids and Child headed homes for 300 children and 20 caregivers. Three meals a day, school clothing, casual clothing and toys/games.
Several talks and endorsement from FEED for the ½ acre square vegetable and fruit garden set up at the Coronation School for the Mentally Handicapped.