Ana Lídia Moreira

CCO & Co Founder of FisioCloud Brazil

Ana Lídia Moreira (Brazil)

CCO & Co Founder of FisioCloud


Ana Lídia is a Biologist, Entrepreneur and Ph.D. in Medical Sciences. She has conducted research in Biophysics and remains committed to developing interconnections between Life Sciences and other fields of knowledge. She is enthusiastic about new technologies and their contributions to Healthcare. After obtaining her Ph.D in one of the most prestigious institutions of Latin America, she achieved a position in a multinational company in the Biotechnology segment.

She developed a successful career in the private sector, reaching leadership positions. Focused on synergistically combining academic knowledge and the dynamic energy of Startups to generate innovation for the health sector and benefits to society, she founded her startup and is an active member of Brazil’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Guest speaker at several events, she shares her knowledge on the impacts of disruptive innovation on health and its market potential in Brazil.